gnome-isdn is a Gnome 2 applet for managing internet providers and connections via ISDN.


2004-05-16 With kernel 2.6 the isdn drivers don't work anymore with my isdn card and so I have to use the capi drivers (capidrv doesn't work) and I can't use gnome-isdn anymore. For this reason I will stop the development at this point. Maybe I will develop a gnome-isdn version with capi support, when I have more time or maybe there are some volunteers which want to do that...
2004-01-11 gnome-isdn 0.1.4
  • Fixed gcc 3.3 problems.
2003-11-02 gnome-isdn 0.1.3
  • Commands can be configured, which will be executed when a connection has been established or dropped.
2003-10-19 gnome-isdn 0.1.2
  • Bugfix in gnome-isdn-pppd, it was still using secrets from /etc/ppp/ instead of ~/.gnome-isdn/
  • Configuration should now use the right path to isdnctrl for the 'add link' command
2003-09-14 gnome-isdn 0.1.1
  • The connection status is now shown in the applet's tooltip
  • Path to isdnctrl (Preferences -> Commands) is now correctly saved
2003-08-31 Initial release, gnome-isdn 0.1 released


Source: gnome-isdn-0.1.4.tar.bz2
Gentoo ebuild: gnome-isdn-0.1.4.ebuild.tar.bz2


Gnome panel
Internet providers
Editing a provider
Preferences - General
Preferences - ISDN
Preferences - Commands
Preferences - Dialing commands


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